comin' atcha today is another september wedding! the colors were hot pink and navy, and i must say... i like it.
the centers were fun and different; something we hadn't done before. the first challenge was finding or creating a silver fill for the tall cylinders. we had a lot of crazy ideas on how to make things like silver easter grass and aluminum foil not look cheap. well, you can't. at least i couldn't... i'm sure someone out there can make aluminum foil look amazing in a 18" cylinder, but that someone is not me. thankfully, my crazy resourceful friends and i came up with this:
it's kind of pretty, right? there's another photo at the end of this post, but you'll have to read my rant on now we got to that point first. :)
what i ended up doing was purchasing a length of pvc and having it cut into equal sections. i spray painted it silver --painstakingly.... the silver paint i got had an awesome sheen/sparkle to it, but from side angles you could still see the writing on the pvc. yes, i primed it. no, the primer was not white as i thought. so we had to run out and get another more chromed out silver. worked like a charm. *note: spray painted pvc also looks cheap. so with the pvc in the cylinder, i filled the space between the pcv and the vase with large and small clear glass pebbles. yes, they were kind of heavy. yes, it took a lot of rocks. yes, it was worth it.
the reason this is so awesome is that we had branches and roses to add to the top, and the open center of the vase allowed for us to keep the stems super long and not have to fill the vase with water to hydrate them. and the pvc kept the branches in place. win.
the low centers were these cute rose pomanders. we had to get creative with these as well since a lot of our large garden roses were... not so large. we improvised with hot pink ranunculus, spray roses, and ribbon to fill in spaces.

the bouquets were all garden roses and hot pink ranunculus.

left: bridal bouquet --much larger, more garden roses.

below: 4 maid bouquets and the toss bouquet. more ranunculus to rose ratio on these guys. the toss had one garden rose and some hot lady regular roses.

and here's another shot of the tall center. the silver sparkles through the glass pebbles in person, and when the candles were added and lit, i'm sure it looked great!


10/11/2011 17:40

I loved reading this blog! I feel luck to have been able to get a behind the scenes look at creating wedding flower arrangements!


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